Chrześcijańska Akademia Teologiczna w Warszawie
The Apostle Paul is often credited with the articulation of the some of the fundamental principles of Christianity (e.g., original sin; the salvific nature of Christ’s death and resurrection; justification by faith).  At the same time, Paul declares himself to be a Jew (e.g., Romans 11.1).  This talk examines the idea of reading Paul as a Jew in two ways.  First, it seeks to understand how we might think about Paul’s religious identity?  Did Paul convert from Judaism to Christianity, or did he remain a Jew who understood himself to be called by God to preach the gospel?  Second, the talk reflects on the significance of Paul and his teachings for Jews and their identity.  How might Jews understand Paul’s claim that „all Israel will be saved” (Romans 11.26)?
Środa, 8 maja, g. 17.00, audytorium 104
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